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I cheated and now my wife doesn´t trust me, even though I have changed

Even though I have changed myself and ready to give in to everything that my wife wants, still she feels that she is the lone one suffering in this marriage. I have done and want to do everything to make her feel good and positive about our relationship but it’s somehow never enough, and the reason is because of what has happened. I can’t go in the past and redo it.

I am depressed and lost… – CLOSED

There are days I wish I was never alive. I don’t have words for how much pain I have endured…

How can I prove my fiance is innocent ?

His name is spoiled for a false claim and everyone backbites and gossips.

Would my Mum be better off without me?

I’m 16 years old and i want to run away from home so that my mum can live happily with her new family. HELP MEEEEE!

Husband blames me for mother’s passing

I tried desperately to be there for him but instead he told me to get lost and said it was all my fault, I was to blame for her passing and he would never forgive me nor would he compromise for me or our son.

Justice or leave to Allah?

Should I go involve the police and get justice? The other question I have is how do I get Allah to forgive me as he would rape me during the time of the month. Am I also to blame for this and him breaking all my fasts?

False blame for being a terrorist

He has said “I will destroy your life and make false charges for being a terrorist – I will file a case against you.”

I need to break off this engagement

My parents are not ready to listen, they are worried about the society and what our relatives would think. They only blame me.

She won’t reconcile, but I don’t want to divorce

No one in our circle of family or friends wants us to separate, yet she isn’t willing to listen to anyone. All I constantly hear are the mistakes I have made which led her to become the way she is now. I pray someone can relay the message of her actions are acting as an anchor pulling the ship to sink.

I feel I have no reason to live

So please, I am confused, from the beginning he knew that he won’t marry me, but he was still being with me? He even made me meet his father. So it’s just a total mess. I can’t get it.