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Beaten and verbally abused all my life, now lost and hopeless

A lifetime of abuse has taken a toll on me and I now have many physical illnesses that have me vomiting very often and have made me incredibly physically weak, as I feel dizzy and faint of stress, fear and exhaustion.

Life is unfair and unbearable

I don’t know from where to start..but i’m miserable.. so done with life as it has always been like so unfair towards me but i’m scared of death..but this just so unbearable.

I want my sisters to recover and talk with me and father again

As salam alaikum- I am a 33 year old married man living happily with my wife and kid my mother expired 7 years back but before her death when I was unmarried and living with my family there was horrible violence..

Her family treat her badly after finding out about our relationship

Im a teenager (Muslim) & i love a girl very much she loVes me tOo. Its going to be about 3 years for this relation. My question is that does Islam Allow love? If id does’nt then why we feel love towards someone? In my opinion love is just a feeling present naturally in everyones heart but why do people consider it as a bad act?