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Should I sever ties with my brother, for my future husband?

When I was around 5 years old, I was molested by my older brother… The guy I want to marry knows I was molested and doesn’t want whoever did it to be in my life.

Forgiving my father

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, While praying taraweeh the other night a question brought fear into my heart. It has been a year since I’ve spoken to my father. He is in jail for raping my siblings. I understand in islam you have to be nice to your parents no matter what, so my […]

Did we sin by marrying despite my in laws’ disapproval?

My husband and I were both born in the USA so we understand that Islamically this is permitted and culture does not matter. I know it is haram to cut off ties with family, but my in laws refuse to accept me as their daughter in law, and are upset with their son for going against them. Have we sinned? I know we are to obey parents, but in matters of deen, such as marriage, obedience to Allah comes first.

Can I attend my niece’s Christening?

I have recently embraced Islam and my non-muslim family have taken my new faith quite understandingly. My concern is my new niece is about to be Christened; am I allowed to attend?

I acknowledge not to say or have any ceremonial part of this, however if I do not simply attend I worry this may cause conflict between my family (which I value greatly) and I.. Please help, any advice would be appreciated.