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Could someone advise me regarding my daughter’s choice of boy for marriage?

He was very short and skinny whereas my daughter is very tall and healthy. It would look very odd, to which she laughed. May Allah forgive me; This guy said that he doesn’t need my permission and he will go ahead with his family and marry my daughter.

Husband gets angry over small things, need help with marriage.

I am muslimah. I have been married for 5 years. It is a love marriage. I don’t know what else to say about my marriage except that I have been crying my eyes out so often these years. I don’t know where to start. I used to think that I was so lucky to have found a man who adores me and loves me for who I am. But things turned sour after the marriage…

Love marriage and pre-marital relationships in Islam

I am a young Muslim man and I am in a relationship with a Muslim girl. We love each other, respect each other, care for each other and are very much happy together. I am practising myself and offer my 5 times prayers and come from a noble family. She is also very nice girl, practising, prays 5 times a day and do extra prayers as well, recites Holy Quran regularly and attend Quran learning classes regularly.

Confused between two Proposals

I am confused due to a proposal that came for me recently from a distant relative. This guy seems al right but I still have to get to know him. After this proposal came, I had another proposal from a guy who I know from quite some time as we are in the same class in the college. We know each other for nearly a year now. We didn’t want to get into any kind of relationship as we knew and discussed that it is Haram to be in any kind of pre-marital relationship..