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Am I transgender?

Does this make me a transgender?? I am very uncomfortable thinking that I might be one and have gender dysphoria.

Sexuality and gender in Islam

What is and isn’t against Islam in sexual preference?

Is it haram to have your hair styled, dyed or cut by a hermaphrodite?

There are a lot of hermaphrodites here… would it be haram for me to get him to cut my hair?

Muslim and Gender Confused

Assalamu aleykam my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam,

I really need some genuine Islamic advice, I’m not a bad person, at least I try not to be, but I suffer from these horrible conflicting feelings about my gender. By this I don’t mean I’m homosexual, this is more along the lines of what people in west call ‘gender dysphoria’

Is it OK to share a car home with a male?

have been living a normal life as many so called Muslims are doing now. But from some months I have changed a lot. I have started wearing hijab, stopped doing things what I am not supposed to do as a Muslim. But I had a boyfriend, I love him so much