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Hadd punishment?

My friend needs help, he is very upset so please read out following case and share what is Order according to Quran and Hadith…

My mother asked our brother to leave as he doesn’t mend his ways; is it right as per Islam?

He smokes, organize parties where wine is served (though he does not drink) and doesn’t pray or fast. Recently my mother has given him ultimatum that he should leave house if he does not mend his ways. I want to ask what does Islam or Qoran say about this? What my mother doing is correct? No doubt Quran shows us the correct path.

Husband interested in brother’s wife; also wants me to take part in haram activities

My question is can a husband be like this with his wife? And if he can how is she expected to deal with this? Are we still legally married in Islam? Can any one sign post me towards any Islamic organisations that can advise on such issues according to Sharia Law? I have tryed a few but have not had a response. And how should I deal with situations that will potentially arise in the future with him and his sister in law?