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My friend needs help, he is very upset so plz read out following case and share what is Order according to Quran and Hadith moreover plz explain if needed :

"During my childhood we some cousins used to play together and there is no any restriction or bad thinking but one day i do not know what happened that I was on my female 8 year cousin and (my age was that time 12 yr almost) am begun to rub my private part on her back anal line (no cloth cover on her) and I felt some ejaculation.

Well during this bad act:

  1. i just lying and start my body move up and down

2. i did not open her legs or put stress and she also remain calm not show any reaction like scream or stop me ..

3.m not sure that i insert my private part in anus or not

4.what was the evidence to make me sure that my part is definitely insert in anus hole because m nt sure  plz let me know???

although following question  I need to be answered:

  1. is I did anal intercourse? if yes then how can i figure out
  2. what is Islam says?
  3. I did Tobah all thing but i need answer of my confusion.


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  1. At what age did you start masturbation? Most likely there was no anal Intercourse. You need to move on.

  2. Assalam Alykum Brother,

    Please tell your friend,

    What you have done during childhood is past. You did something wrong because of your innocence and ignorance in your childhood.

    Allah is Most Merciful, He will forgive all of your sins, if you repent. So instead of thinking of the details of what actually happened and wasting your time, ask Allah for forgiveness saying that you are sorry for the whole incident and you don't know what actually happened, but to forgive you for the whole incident.

    1.No need to figure out if you did anal intercourse or not. Just ask forgiveness for the whole incident and move on.

    2.Islam says , Anal intercourse is haram. Islam also says if you ask forgiveness and repent and do not commit the sin again then Allah will surely forgive you.

    3.It's a good thing that you did taubah. Learn more about Islam and about Allah. Learn how forgiving is Allah it will remove all your confusion.

    To keep it simple. You did taubah for whatever wrong happened during that incident. Allah will surely forgive you. Stop thinking about this incident and move on in life. Don't repeat the sin and don't share the incident with anyone in your whole life.

    May Allah forgive you.

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