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Should I leave him forever or should I convince him to marry me?

We have been doing s*x… He says he can’t marry me because he is poor in comparison to me and that he can’t spoil my whole life.

Marriage after fornication

I tried to talk to the guy and asked him it was better to get married but he doesn’t want as his parents do not want.

I still haven’t met his mother!

He has all these reasons on to why he is taking his time but I don’t want to waste my time loving a man when I desire marriage and a family.

I need help and a wazifa for love marriage

I need help for love marriage. I want to be in nikah with him according to the guidelines of islam. I am already doing 1 wazeefa. Please tell me another one too.

I have 2 children with a Muslim man and we’re still not married

I am with this muslim man for 9 years and till now we are still not maried. We have two kids together. I want to marry him but I don’t know how?