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Please advise me some remedies for my stomach pain.

I am on medication to try to stop the bleeding, then I need to have a biopsy to check that I do not have cervical cancer. I am taking tablets and injections from the doctor but the bleeding is still with me and now my stomach is swollen and sore. Please advise me on any remedies given by the Prophet Muhammed PBUH that may ease the pain in my stomach.

Were my husband and I under black magic?

We moved to Morocco about 6 years ago. I have now been married almost 20 years. In the 2nd year, through time, I began to develop a strong hate for my husband. I couldn’t stand to be beside him.

I have insomnia and terrible nightmares, why?

My parents are always worried about me as I am the youngest in my family and they are concerned because I have symptoms like senior citizens. Sometimes I feel helpless and useless to my family that I just lock myself in the room and try to remain in isolation…

I married for pity now I regret it.

My brother refused to marry her. Behind him it was me seeing my mother suffering like anything as she was her sister’s daughter and their relationship got ruined. I don’t know what came to my mind, I just told mom that, can I marry her?