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Disappointed About Life

I don’t know what to do and I really am afraid of the consequences of filing for divorce because I want to try to make this work somehow.

Betrayed by the husband – now he won’t sign khula papers either!

He has mentally, emotionally, physically and verbally tortured me and he has my expensive belongings and he is not returning them or his parents!!!

Chronic illness and desire to get married

Being ill doesn’t make you immune from falling in love…

Desires vs. society

Others might not be bothered delaying nikah in the desi society, but some have strong desires and since I’m one of them, why should I suffer? Some portray marriage as such a complex thing, as if it’s no different than being jailed. Now I’m 22, don’t watch porn, wish to stay away from fitna, sport a sunnah beard, and offer my prayers. But every so often when I get depressed, I just can’t help but please myself.

I have an unknown illness………..

I often pray to ALLAH for help but my prayers are not accepted. Is it Test or punishment from ALLAH or is it a magic?

I want to marry a lady who is divorced

I need opinion to convince my parents. I have been told by her to ask my parents to go and see her.

Chronic health problems and marriage problems

Wth all this on my shoulders i dont know relly what to do about my relationship with my husband. At present his trying his best to help me by helping me by giving me the chance to rest, getting dinner ready etc though he has to say things like ufff , again, basically macking me feel like a burden. he is also trying to listen to me but still dosent know much about my illness and probebly won’t be able to learn as there’s no literature about cfs/ m.e. in his language . It’s not good enough for me to explain to him either as i don’t think he relly trust wait i say?! i feel he still dosent understand me and dosent know me and and are hearts/soul is disconnected.

Why is this my life?

My silly mother still thinks with the hope of Allah. I am burned out, with much regret. I am tired of the US; the way people dress and act – it’s as if I’ve been poisoned. My plan is to finish my bachelors and join the Iranian Military. I wish to free myself from America.

Does a disease like bipolar come from Allah and is it curable?

I just have a question about taking medications and being diagnosed with a mental illness. Does a disease like bipolar come from Allah and is it curable? My family is trying to convince me that it is and I have to live with it. I do not want to take the meds because the side effects make me feel worse and I have tried many meds.

Depressed due to my physical health condition

I am a 26 year old woman and have been married for 5 months. For quite a while now I have noticed that my walking is difficult and different to everyone else. I went to a doctor who told be to just exercise and come back if it got any worse.