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Why Allah Testing me in a Dire Manner?

Whenever I find happiness it gets taken before it even reaches my hands. I don’t even know what to do anymore…

I fell in love with him…

I was sure he liked me. I saw future with him as my husband. And the worst thing is that I’m still deeply in love with him.

My friends are hurting me, please help me

Now it has been 3 months and I pray everday to Allah (swt) to make my friends realize their mistake and to apologize for hurting me and to become friends again with me but it seems as if He (swt) is not listening. I am very hurt and upset and don’t know what to do? They have all done boycott from me and don’t want to resolve anything.

Being betrayed after 5 years but I still love her and want her back

I have been in a haram relationship for the past 5 years and have fallen madly in love with this person. We talked about getting married and i didnt want to have a haram relationship or commit anymore sins. Just as I was preparing and thinking of how to approach her family with her hand in marriage, I found out she has been cheating on me.