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Are my reasons valid when asking for a Fasakh of nikkah?

He refuses to give me a divorce.The Muslim court also refuses to unless I give him another 3 month chance.

I want to divorce my husband

As soon as he came the 2nd day I just knew I was going to have problems with him…

Can this be grounds for divorce?

I don’t want any more children but my husband does…

I want divorce as I can’t take it anymore

He does haraam things which i cant take anymore as hes doin all this before i even bring him to the u.k and now i know he will ruin my life or leave me if i bring him so whats the point me going al through the hard work. i told him so many times i want a divorce but he laughs it off and said he will never give it. i dont love him and if i did ever want to work it out it will be only for my family sake not mine.