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Can this be grounds for divorce?

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I don't want any more children but my husband does. Can I ask for divorce for that reason?


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  1. I don't think that means you should divorce hum sister, but maybe talk to him and work out something. Plus if you are still you, it's always good to have as many children as possible, so your children's children can make more and so on. Also your children can look back on each other and be there for one another and defend each other from harm, it's better than being alone. So I say having more kids is good, I agree with your husband but also it's your decision if you want to or not. So like I said speak to him and work out something that you both agree on.

    Jazaka Allah khir.

  2. if you dont want to have more kids, then the husband should be allowed to marry a second wife.
    why dont you suggest this to him, since you are ready to divorce him, im certain you wouldnt mind staying married, but with your husband having another wife who will be ok to have children with him.

    • Salaam

      And if the sister wants no more children, but an entire husband and father for the children she already has?

      How can you be certain this sister wouldn't mind staying while her husband is off building a family with another woman?

      Sister, my advice is talk to your husband and be honest about your feelings. He may have to choose between you or more children. But then of course, he would have to consider maybe giving up on a complete life with the children he already has.

      Divorce is allowed if the wife feels she can no longer give her husband his rights, as I perceive is the case here. But talking to your husband and agreeing to be satisfied with what you've already been granted from Allah might be better.

      • I mean, I agree with wulk. If it's just Coz she doesn't want more children and no other reason, then maybe she should let him take another wife. But I have a feeling there may be more to the story if she's jumping to divorce.

  3. Assalaamualaikam

    Lots of couples have different views about how many children they want to have, but divorce seems a rather extreme step - without more information about your situation it's difficult to give specific advice.

    Generally speaking, I'd suggest that you and your husband make time to discuss the issue calmly, both bringing your reasons for your points of view. InshaAllah, you can then reach a decision about what you would both like to do.

    If you have concerns about your health and wellbeing with another pregnancy, then it might be helpful to discuss this with your doctor, who can inshaAllah give you advice about this.

    Midnightmoon editor

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