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Should I leave my good job / life for full-time Quran studies?

I may come back to nothing… On other hand, if I don’t take up the opportunity to study now I may regret deeply.

Where to Study More About Islam?

I want to study in Arabic speaking country. I don’t know about good Islamic schools, I would appreciate your suggestions.

How to Market My Idea to Teach Islamic Studies to Girls?

Well I started teaching at a Madrassa in Walthamstow, and instead of doing it voluntarily I’m getting paid for it which is OK, only like 10 a days so that’s cool. I had this idea to help me with my Arabic. I was thinking that I could start my own classes at home and teach basic Arabic, Seerah and Tajweed for like girls aged 13 and over.

Even though I’m still studying can I still teach?

I wanted to ask for some advice and didnt know who to go to. I have just recently in september started an alimah course and I wanted to know wether i could still teach at a madrassa even though im still studying, I think it would be a great opportuity for me beacuse that way i would have some experience.