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Even though I’m still studying can I still teach?

Asalamwa alikum..

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My name is Zunairah, and I'm 17 years old. I wanted to ask for some advice and didn't know who to go to. I have just recently in September started an alimah course and I wanted to know whether i could still teach at a madrassa even though im still studying.

I think it would be a great opportunity for me because that way i would have some experience. However im not entirely sure that it would work out because of the fact ive only just started even though mashallah excelled quiet a bit in my first few months. My Tajweed is good and im quite good at fiqh and seerah, i think im capable to teach. Everything that im learning ive come across before so im familiar with it apart from the arabic.

Please please please could someone give me advice on what i should do. should i go for it? And start asking round in madrassas or shall i jus forget about the whole thing? It would mean a great deal to me if you guys could tell me what you think.

azakhallah khair

- Zunii

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  1. Asslamu Alikum Warhmathallahi Wabarkathuhu Zunairah,

    I dont see why not. I think it would provide a good experience and if you know what you're doing then go for it sis. If you're good at tajweed, then i'm sure you'll be very helpful for the kifds. I'm 17 aswell, but i havent done any islamic courses, i'm planning to inshallah.

    My mum also taught in a madressa before she completed her tajweed course, so i'm sure you can do it aswell.
    And may Allah(swt) reward you greatly.

  2. Salaam my Sister,

    I agree with SLMuslimah, and I think it would be an excellent idea to tour madrasas for work. I don't know which country you are in, however if you are in the UK, and you wanted to teach at Mosque on weekends (to children for example) usually they will ask you to do it as a volunteer which means that you will be unpaid.

    For paid work, a good resource is the Muslim directory and there are also such jobs advertised on (which is down at the moment, but should be up again soon inshaAllah).

    Also, private schools do not follow the same rules as state schools when it comes to teacher recruitment, so it is definitely worth getting in contact.


    Editor, Islamic Answers

  3. assalam alaikum dear sis
    i totally accept with both of the posts u have to go forward to teach
    its gud that u vill increase urs as well as the students whom u vill in future teach

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