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My husband thinks I did porn as a teenager

My husband imagines that he heard my voice in pornographic videos. Now he’s threatening to kill me.

Ultra-controlling husband is suffocating me

My husband grew up without affection, and when he saw how affectionate my family is, he decided that we are all perverted. Since then he controls my behavior down to the tiniest detail.

I’m giving up almost everything for him, it’s never enough

I am born and raised christian and alhamdulila I´m Muslim now and with the influence of my husband and I am very much happy and contented with Islam. But one thing is bothering me if my husband is acting islamically or not.

My husband constantly asks me to divorce him

I am a muslim convert. I converted to Islam in 2006 and got married to a Muslim man in 2007. The thing is, my husband, he flirts etc in front of my face with other women, however if another man should even LOOK at me or talk to me, I am instantly to blame.