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My 37-year-old sister won’t help us with chores!

I am one of four sisters, and the only one in the household who helps my mom with her chores. How can I get my other sisters to pitch in?

Husband does not change his clothes or wash himself

Please give me advice how to deal with this situation as I don’t know which approach or action to take anymore.

Do I have to support my lazy father who doesn’t work?

I don’t mind supporting my mom but I hate the fact the money I work so hard to make and send is wasted on nonsense. I want to tell my dad it’s enough now… he should go find work.

Is it abuse?

want to divorce him so I can be free and happy with my children, but he claims that because he is the father and they have dual citizenship in his country, he can take the kids at any time to live there. He has even told me that he doesn’t care if we separate, but the kids are his. I maintain that he is an unfit father because he can’t support them financially, never takes them to school or attends their school functions, and is verbally abusive to them.

Dealing with an immigrant husband

I do really love him, since he supports me emotionally at times. Living without him alone would be difficult as well. What to do with a husband who is inferior to a wife intellectually, financially, socially, and professionally? I do appreciate him praying and fasting. How long can a wife support a husband and his house?

Husband caters to step-son from previous marriage, who is not his

I think my husband is wrong to hint that I should work. I think that he shouldn’t still have to support an adult step-son. I think the step-son should realize that he cannot expect my husband to support him while he studies and that he should get a job and support himself as he is a grown man.

I never knew he was lazy, should I seek divorce?

After we got married I found out that he is a very lazy person, I used to have to force him to get out of bed and I can not see myself married to someone who is lazy for the rest of my life.

My Husband Doesn’t Want To Work!

It has now been a year since he hasn’t worked, and he blames me for this. He worked a few jobs since being in America, but this past year he doesn’t want to do anything. He tells me, “since you aren’t working I give up. We don’t get anywhere if you’re not helping me, so I’m not going to work either.”