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Haram relationship, pregnant and feeling guilty

My five year old daughter considers him her father. I see him as my husband. I am pregnant and nothing is halal.

We’ve had a baby & he keeps promising to marry me, but won’t

I was raised Catholic, converted to Islam for my “fake” husband. I have known him for years, and actually divorced my previous husband for him. I have 2 kids from that marriage, he first said he never wanted kids so I kept breaking up with him and he kept pursuing me. He promised to marry me and wanted a baby. I got pregnant and we all moved in together when the baby was born.

I love him but he’s married and has low iman

I have been with my Pakistani boyfriend for three years during which time I wasn’t Muslim. I read some Quran and became interested in Islam around 6 months ago and said my shahadah around 3 months ago. I have a few worries/problems though.