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Wife is avoiding sex during pregnancy, I am frustrated

i am sexually active male but as my wife is pregnant she avoided me and remain away from me and now it is irritating.

Does my future husband have to know I was intimate with my first husband?

After 1 year of our nikah we had intimacy secretly… I am divorced now – can I hide this from my future husband?

My wife won’t have sex with me

She always refuses me, giving me the excuse that she can’t be bothered to have a shower, etc.

What are female rights to sex?

Please tell me my rights as a female on sex? Is it wrong for a female to ask for sex? I also need tips in how I can make him more attractive and intimate with me…

My wife and I talk naked on Skype, is it allowed?

I talk to my wife on skype and we open camera and see each other whole, our body even our privates. So is it permissible or allowed in Islam or not?