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Wife is avoiding sex during pregnancy, I am frustrated

Pregnant teenaoa dear Muslims.

my question is that i am sexually active male but as my wife is pregnant she avoided me and remain away from me and now it is irritating.

What can i do in this situation?


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  1. Dear Brother: Your wife is pregnant. She seems to be avoiding having sex with you. And you are irritated? Have you actually discussed the lack of sex in your marriage with you wife. Have you given any consideration to how she may feel. Some women breeze through a pregnancy, some women are sick throughout the entire 9 months. Your question was brief and failed to provide important information. How many months pregnant is your wife? Is your wife happy about being pregnant. Is she getting good medical care? How doe she feel about her new pregnant state? Have you given her any reassurance that you find her attractive while she is pregnant. Do you treat your wife as someone who is dear to you or a sex worker? In the beginning of pregnancy some women suffer morning sickness -- all day long. Towards the end of a pregnancy many women do not sleep well and may be uncomfortable with the increased weight. Some women have serious physical changes to their bodies when they get pregnant and as a result it affects how they may feel about their attractiveness. They may also be tired all the time. And you are irritated?

    It's a bit difficult for me to have sympathy for you and your lack of sex. Primarily because your question comes across as narcissistic -- that it's all about you and the fact that you are not getting your sexual needs met. In case you forgot or for some reason are totally clueless, your wife is carrying another person inside of her. If your conversation with your wife is anything similar to your post, I doubt you will be making any brownie points with her. Hint: Having consideration and being thoughtful and kind to your partner goes very far with most women. Most men who treat women with regard and thoughtfulness rarely complain about not having sex.

  2. Googrief is the guy that sick in the head that he wants to approach a pregnant women..Were is your iman.My sh.use to say not too much jiggy jiggy because the nurse will rub off your face

    • There is nothing wrong with having sex with your pregnant wife. Neither is it haram, dangerous, or anything else. Don't be such a prude...

  3. Talk to your wife about this. She may be passing through some mood swings and hormonal changes. But telling her about your situation would be helpful for both of you. In some cases having s.. during pregnancy could lead to miscarriage thats y she might be ignoring. Talk to her with love and show her care.

  4. I would have called you a sick human being because you don't know what you are doing and a savage because a proper human even though a fool will not think this way. I am sorry I have to say it this way because if you loved your wife and know what women passed through, you wouldn't have come here in the first place. but alas, you have come.

    Please put yourself in her own shoes and see what life is like. From your explanation, you look like an aggressive husband but I might be wrong because you would have sat down with your wife to hear what she have to say and why she doesn't want to give you what you want at the moment.

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