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My husband abandoned me for the second time during pregnancy(8)

August 8, 2020

I keep thinking “why me?” Why couldn’t I go through one pregnancy feeling loved, pampered? I want him to feel ashamed of what’s he done, not act like he’s entitled because somehow it’s my fault for not aborting.

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My boyfriend abandoned me when he found out I am pregnant

He doesn’t want to be involved in the baby’s care, and would like termination of the pregnancy. If baby is not terminated, he says he will not pay child support.

So Worried About My Unborn Baby

I’m so worried about my unborn baby because my baby is having birth defects spina bifida and brain problem. Plz there is any duaa or any surah?

Pregnant but worried my addiction will affect baby

Will my baby be bad like me? Will the baby have mental or behavioural problems because of my addiction?

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