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She died before becoming Muslim, can I pray for her?

Allah took her soul before I finished my studies and we didn’t get married so she didn’t get a chance of learning Islam and converting to Islam.

Sisters not willing to give my Christian girlfriend a chance

Her parents have seen for the last year that my sisters are unwilling to give her a chance. She feels unwanted from my family. My father has “approved” of her. She has been so hurt for the last year that she is practically over it.

Is it right to get imposed and be self- shackled in the name of Allah the merciful?

My mother went furious and asked me in to pledge in the name of Allah paak that I would not even see him again. Under pressure, I was bound to pledge and now I am not in talking terms with him. The boy took so much care for me, I didn’t even explained him what did happen, because of the pledge.