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What does it mean to dream about a black figurine?

Is there any significance to seeing a black figurine in a dream?

His cousin said حياتي to my husband..

Is this proper? If romantic phrases are being used then a line has been crossed and I want to address it.

What is the rationale behind this hadith?

One of my friends was recently told about an incident in the life of Prophet (pbuh) by his father following a dispute. He was told that once, a man came to the Prophet (pbuh).

I dreamt that I was made the King of my town

Some time I dreamed that I was made a king in my town and some times I see myself as a prince in my dream given other to people.

Should I change my 6 year old son’s name?

I want your kind advice for my 6 years old son. His name is Shazeb (not Shahzaib) Ahmed Murtaza. It seems like the name does suit him very well based on his personality and various things I have observed.