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I’m having difficulty maintaining my prayers.

Menstruation affects my ability to adhere to Islamic duties.

What punishment will we face?

What will we pay of this sin?

I need to know when to do ghusl?

Do I make ghusl now or after?

Questions about menstruation

I would like to ask a few things regarding menstruation.

Can’t stop myself from masturbation during menstruation

When I have periods, I cannot control myself from masterbating because my mind tells me “at this time you are already impure so you can do it”. Now tell me how to reduce it, because on normal days I can control myself by reminding myself that I have to offer prayer so I should not do this act, but during periods I cannot control myself.

Getting married soon, need advice about sex

I am a 35 year old male and will be getting married very soon. I was raised up in a very strict family, and I am also not well educated. I do not know about sexual intercourse.

Menstruation Problem

I have a question but kind of shy to ask but I need answer. I am not getting my menstruation process monthly. I would like to know if there is any dua or or anything I could do to get it regularly? It’s very important for me now. Any advice would do.

Can girls write in Islamic words while menstruating?

I was wondering if any girl that is on her period could write in Arabic or is it sinful i know we can’t touch the Quran and stuff but i want to know if it’s right or wrong because i’m sure other ladies do teach and write in Arabic too.

How to keep my Iman up while menstruating?

I wanted to reach out to all that can help me to figure out one problem. I know that a woman is not supposed to pray while menstruating. However, the few days that go without prayers really let my lower self go, and I mess up a lot. I wanted to find out if there is anything I can do to still be able to pray. I have searched few websites, but they are contradicting each other and I am confused.

Is it permissible to pray Istikhara while menstruating?

I would like to ask if it is possible to use and read dua istikhara as I am having my period and I can’t pray.