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I need to know when to do ghusl?


I'm a girl. Kinda ashamed to say so but I masturbate sometimes and I get the feeling of wanting it before period. So right after, I fell asleep and in the morning if I saw I was in period, do I have to make ghusl now? Or after my period finishes? This happens a lot of times.. because of hormonal changes before period. Please I need to know when to do ghusl?


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  1. AsSalaamu 'alaikum Sister,

    You don't need to make ghusl since your period had begin already. All you need to do is to wait till your period finishes, and then make only one ghusl. Both situations are not seen as two if they are together, but as only one, which is ''the need of ghusl''.

    Hope this helps inshaAllah, and Allah Ta'ala knows best.

    • Hello I hope you can answer my question...

      Sometimes while scrolling in Instagram or YouTube, etc. I come across some inappropriate videos or pictures, and they make me feel some kind of way, I don't know what it is, and sometimes I get discharge. I DON'T intentionally think these thoughts or stimulate anything by myself (e.g. my finger) or watch bad stuff intentionally. It happens by itself or by accident (like social media) and I do ghusl, but sometimes I get multiple times a day especially before prayer time or near it so it makes me doubt myself and I keep doing ghusl, but it is exhausting to do ghusl 5 times a day especially since it is winter and snowy where I live now and it damages my hair and skin, and is frustrating as sometimes before I even get dressed I get them again and just feel guilty to pray without doing ghusl as I think I'm not pure. So now I resorted to doing ghusl once a day for fajr prayer and just wudu and changing cloths for the rest of the prayers.

      What do I do? Is ghusl necessary each time, or is it only necessary if it was physical, like masturbation and intercourse?

      Is what I'm doing now- ghusl once a day- right and my prayers will be valid, or do it is wrong?

      If it is wrong, do I have to redo my prayers in such a situation of resorting to doing it once a day due to its excessiveness, but knowing that it could be or should be necessary each time?

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