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How do I repent properly for the “secret habit?”

I’m 16 and discovered “the secret habit” when I was around 7. I didn’t use to do ghusl afterwards. Do I have to repeat all my prayers and fast from that time?

In order to pray, do I have to wash everything that has semen on it?

When I masturbate in my bed, after that I touch my pillow, books, wallet, mobile, door handle, mattress, room wall with hands. In order to pray, do I have to wash it?

Ghusl after injury

The doctor put a bandage on my head and told me that the stitches are not to be tampered with. I am confused, how to take a ghusl?

Questions about hygiene

What is the procedure to do ghusl? And is ghusl wajib in these circumstances?

Because of Wetness do we need to take Ghusl?

It is human nature to go wet when they are excited. But do we need to take bath to get pure or just wadu would be enough?

Is my wudu broken by my health problem?

I need to perform wudu again and again. Sometimes while offering prayer it happens. I am having to change clothes for every prayer.

I need to know when to do ghusl?

Do I make ghusl now or after?

Urinating in standing position

For fear of accidental falling of urine drops …

When must I shave?

When is it necessary for me to shave or cut my hair?

Cannot get clean after intercourse

After intercourse the husbands discharge keeps coming out even after washing up and a shower. Am I clean?