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Self esteem of being a Muslimah

How to know if one has low self esteem being a Muslimah and how can a woman avoid it?


Do women mean nothing in Islam?

Women in islam have to cover up and keep themselves for their spouse, but whats the point when its going to be worthless after we die? Is this all fake and worth nothing in the end? Are a women’s feelings not considered in islam?

We fight every day, should I continue the relationship?

As you can read the Title of the post, its about the fact that I am questioning myself if I should continue this affair/word given I have with this young lady. As I have read in before posts from other Muslim brothers and sisters when you intend to marry someone look for the woman that will help you reach higher places in the Islam, so a lady with attention to her Deen. But is it also wrong for me if I have certain expectations such as looks, body size and etc?

Asking a girl to wear a mini skirt in public

Can a Muslim man ask a muslimah, that’s not his wife to have unmarital sex and to wear a mini skirt in public???

Writing a novel about a Muslim superhero

I am working on a novel, where one character, who I have tentatively dubbed Tazara Issa, is a devout girl who practices Islam. My novel revolves around a superhero/fantasy theme, where certain characters in Canada, all rather young, begin to gain powers, at the same time evil creatures of myth begin to return to the world. Five of these characters feel it to be their duty to protect people, including Tazara.