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My crazy forced marriage- I’m tired of it!

What do I do? I don’t understand. I said okay because I was naive, then I didn’t want it and was forced. Did the nikkah count since I was uneducated? What do I do? I don’t have a voice in my own life- I never did. How do I stand up for what I want- which is peace and to be free from him? Please help me.

Any dua for world peace?

I cry every night and I am always so depressed when I hear yet another thing which is racially against Muslims.

Please IslamicAnswers! Provide me with a dua I can read for world peace and I urge all the brothers and sisters reading this to recite the dua once it’s provided because in sha Allah will hear and accept our dua.

Being betrayed after 5 years but I still love her and want her back

I have been in a haram relationship for the past 5 years and have fallen madly in love with this person. We talked about getting married and i didnt want to have a haram relationship or commit anymore sins. Just as I was preparing and thinking of how to approach her family with her hand in marriage, I found out she has been cheating on me.