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Any dua for world peace?

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With all the new anti-Muslim, EDL, BNP situation happening in the UK, I ask someone to please provide me with a dua for world peace. Seeing all this hatred towards Islam brings tears to my eyes. I fear the well being of my friends and family. I cry every night and I am always so depressed when I hear yet another thing which is racially against Muslims.

Please IslamicAnswers! Provide me with a dua I can read for world peace and I urge all the brothers and sisters reading this to recite the dua once it's provided because in sha Allah will hear and accept our dua.

If possible, if someone knows of a dua to ease my distress when I hear these things against Islam.



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  1. Sister, there are many country's who are worser off, who are suffering everyday one way or another. Here in the UK, I agree there are discrepancies but life is not as bad as other muslim country's were people fear for there life, people who have to leave there homes and children who have lost there parents due to the divide and rule war!

    Don't be afraid because the UK have strict laws against racial abuse and violence, I agree there are some officers who do not act appropriate but there are many with in the force whom are doing a great job.

    I'm not sure what you can pray but I would like to think making dua is just as strong as reading certain surats especially if you pray from your heart. Also sister don't be afraid to show your muslim it's a religion to be proud of alhamdulila, I just wanted to comment because you sound worried and I would like to reassure you your safe.

    May Allah give peace to all our brothers and sisters around the world who are in need. Ameen


  2. As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

    This dua' is from (edited slightly):

    1. O Lord of the Universe! Save us all from words which hurt and bless us with hearts that touch.

    2. God, grant us the wisdom to learn from the Guidance that You blessed upon all Your Prophets.

    3. Please God, comfort and console those who now walk in sorrow.

    4. Our Lord, please give us compassion and mutual understanding so that we may live in peace and with justice.

    5. Please help us stop those who oppress, whether they be of our nation, race or tribe or not.

    6. Give us the strength to work for the good of all humanity and against what is harmful to all of us.

    7. Let our children learn from our errors and work to establish a safer, more peaceful and just world for all.

    8. Guide our leaders to make wise and fair decisions

    9. Protect us hate and intolerance.

    10. Make us all among those who struggle for what is just, good and beautiful.

    Another relevant dua' is:

    اَللَّهُمَّ اَنْتَ السَّلامُ وَ مِنْكَ السَّلامُ وَ اِلَيْكَ يَرْجِعُ السَّلامُ، حَيِّنَا رَبَّنَا بِالسَّلامِ وَاَدْخِلْنَا دَارَا السَّلامِ تَبَارَكْتَ رَبَّنَا وَ تَعَالَيْتَ يَاذَالْجَلالِ وَ اْلاِكْرَامِ

    Allahumma antassalamu, wa minkas salaamu wa ilaika yarjaus- salaamu; haiyinna rabbana bis-Salaami, wa adhkilna dar us-Salaami, tabarakta rabbana wa taalaiyt, ya dhal Jalaali wal Ikraam.

    O Allah! You are Peace, and All Peace is from You; and all Peace returns to You. Grant us to live with the salutation of peace, and lead us to your abode of Peace. You are blessed, our Lord, and Exalted, O Owner of Magnificence and Honor!

    [abu Dawud 2:62, ibn Majah 2:1267, at-Tirmidhi 5:515, Ahmad 5:360]

    Wael Editor

    • Thank you brother Wael for these dua's. I will make sure to recite them and would appreciate and love for others to do the same.

  3. Were all fighting the good fight, trying to make the world a better place, so please help to spread the word. We can no longer afford to remain silent when we have something to say, we can no longer afford to remain passive when action needs to be takin, we must do what we can, what is best for each of us/all with what we have so that we can help to set a solid foundation for future generations to build upon:

    You want to know how to make world peace a reality, well, here you go folks 🙂

    Along with food forests, wire/tunnel like structures over sidewalks made of material that will not rust and stuff that have food and other plants growing/wrapping around them making for a beautiful walk and plenty of free food that you can grab along the way, countless things can be done to cities/buildings/etc to green things up, multi storied/layered plant troths/trays/pots, gardens, bee friendly flowers, etc many people around the world can grow enough food in there backyards and cities to more then feed the entire populous, you can have multi layered gardening/growing/food trays, trays placed on walls, growing ops in houses/buildings, on walls and so on with the proper lightings (And yes we can build underground and in other cool areas too for those who wish to do so 🙂

    There is more then enough room for greenery and the lot and we will have several times more then enough green energies/power/etc, as well as water/liquid/food for everyone/thing (With no money there is no worries about processing the salt water and converting it to fresh water through desalination plants and other methods like reusing/recycling your own water, complex/flexible/highly effective and pyramid +Self moving automated solar panels and magnifying glass like effects and complex wind turbines and countless other things with systems/methods and so on that would cost an absolute fortune back in the days of money that people can now actually use and have many do at home methods and there will be more then enough changes made to allow for people to figure out how to make sure that we no longer require pesticides and other harmful things and that rabbits and other creatures do not eat/ruin/destroy everything and get out of control with population, diseases/etc, so that we can all, humans and non humans alike properly benefit and have full lives, not to mention all of the water recycling/reusing methods and all the rest of it that will be put into place for everyone - No more money folks, no more money 🙂

    Plus many more non polluting energy sources/etc to support everyone with a comfortable lifestyle, including the once homeless/etc who will be living in what were once banking/corporate buildings/etc/etc, these buildings and other structures/etc being converted into living spaces and other useful outlets for true/guaranteed sustainable living for all (there will be no more insane waste of space/resources and all the rest of it and just here on Earth alone there is far more then enough materials/etc for everyone and we can clean up our mess and make this planet better then it has ever been) and speaking of space, yes we should pay attention and learn from it, as in having enough professionals/equipment to monitor 100% of the skies for killer rocks and other dangerous cosmic activities and have more at tenting on plans to take care of an otherwise lethal situation, to be healing/monitoring the earth/ourselves/life, we can explore Mars and the rest of it later once we have solved enough of our own troubles 🙂

    You’ve got all kinds of web services that allow you to design your own home, gardens and countless other things, including ideas/inventions and the likes, those along with schooling/teaching websites with different courses, hobbies and so on and so forth can all be easily available to us (obviously not a how to guide on how to build a nuke and such) and managed by the experts in those said fields so that you know all the info you are getting is legit 🙂

    Also, if humanity is so hopeless, insensitive, violent and the likes today and is not like the so called good old days, then why is it that over 99% of us don’t want to cause trouble and that we want a better world? (1 in a 100 people equals out to around 70mil), and very few of the trouble makers are out to cause harm that is not due to any events in their lives. We are by nature a diverse/peace loving species, so peaceful in fact that virtually all of us just keep taking the shit (That keeps getting worse) that the system and the few &%$^&%^&*%&*^&^$@$!@@$#!@#@%$$&^%*&^**^$^&##%@%$$@@$&%^^%s (Who are that way for whatever reason/s) keep throwing our way, if anything we are becoming more enlightened and less violent as time goes on, and yes far more harmful things are coming to light…because of technologies, better understanding, communications (How many people do you think want to actually go to war/fight as oppose to wanting world peace?), far less stuff being hidden/etc/etc/etc. Peace on earth is already here and aside from the rare persons Who knows maybe with enough communications certain people can be found to properly help them too) we can properly help everyone who needs it in todays world, right now, right this second, peace around virtually the entire globe (In the not too distant future, all of it) will happen, if we let it 🙂

    Here hows it can go with the learning facilities/courses: Music, theatre, making glass and stain glass + creating with them, metallurgy, welding, auto mechanics/machines, art/drawing, woodworking, computers programming, animation/movie/video game/programming creation, cameras/devices, media, marketing, cooking, eco tech/planting/greenhouses/etc, family/people/humanitarian/emotion, inventors/innovators, psychiatry, how to truly think for yourself and when/how to be a leader and a follower, how to communicate, use ones own common sense, how most of us can be enlightened Rams as oppose to being sheep for the wolves, help each other and how to find/spot those that need it, to be the best version of you, how to best use technologies to learn the maths, etc, etc, etc, the list is endless and forever evolving, this will open up so many more possibilities that will no longer be out of reach for so many 🙂

    Peace is great yet we should not let down our guard all the same as others may be just biting their time and waiting for the perfect moment to strike with their nukes or what have you, but no worries I am certain that in the not too distant future that we will all be able to manage everything and not have to worry about such things 🙂

    Transportation, not a problem, especially with so many brilliant minds finally being freed up to make it greener/better/etc for us all, plus with so many people being much more community based, in their own towns/homes/cities so to speak we will not be needing to use transport so much, besides how many drive back and forth to jobs that are not even needed or farther away then they need to be (Many jobs out there today should already be obsolete “not the skills of the workers just the jobs” and as for the ones that are truly vital there will always be more then enough people with more then enough skills who love the vital ones/will be more then happy enough to take care of them and us as a whole are naturally a cooperative species and long to share our talents, be with others and just help one another out and even now tons of people volunteer and help others, the community/etc who still have jobs and especially when we are free things will be far better then they are now, which is what will happen when we stop using money and move passed the monetary system) and the rest, we will take care of, handle things/help each other as a community, so it wont even be an issue (We’ll figure everything out together 🙂

    Not to mention the countless materials (Such as all of the plastics, rubbers, glass, metals/etc/etc/etc) that have been tossed (Including many that currently cannot be recycled) wish can be used for countless things and several people with very creative minds in their field will continuously think up awesome ideas/innovations to keep things advancing/going and have continuous, inventions/innovations/creativities that will be so vast and as we truly enter this new resonance era 🙂

    We can have greenhouses and other stuff galore and we don’t have to give up chips, pop, pizza and countless other great things, plus scientists have already created bacon from stem cells and it wont be long before medical science can do the same for all body parts, no scars or nothing, perfect health and immortality if we wish it and vitamins can be automatically added to foods/drinks/etc to best meet our individual needs (3D printers can create the parts needed to self replicate themselves and even print edible food) and we can even have more grocery stores then ever before with all the good stuff while still keeping things tasting great without the chemical and all the cheeping out that so many do to save a buck, soon having humane dairy/meet/etc created in the lab then in the comfort of your own home…so many countless/awesome things can be done for the world today (One of many other things that can be done, well, those beautiful/fancy ice hotels/sculptures/etc, many can be made in areas where they will not melt 🙂

    With so many brilliant minds free to invent/improve things by continuous leaps and bounds without the countless atrocities/sufferings of money/greed, creativity/life/etc will truly keep evolving by never ending leaps and bounds, but like Egypt there are most likely going to be undercover people and others hired to try and make things worse, people rioting, wars started by propaganda and the likes, so we must keep our heads together and our hearts strong, love will win and we must not fall pray to the bullshit of the few (Percentage wise, there are very few people on earth who are committing crimes and far more who are keeping the peace, and given the way things are today, that tells me that we will make it, we are a smart/caring/cooperative/peace loving species), and as for those few who are trying to keep us in the dark they will not want to loose this current system and will fight till the end and cause as much fear and the likes that they can to try and keep it, so no matter what fear, rumours, false footage, reports/etc that they spew out and events that they try to create, we can’t fall pray to hate and revenge, we cant be the fuel that feeds their flame, we can not give those with deadly weapons reasons to use them 🙂

    Also, what they teach in schools you can find on the internet, which in turn can be far better structured to make it easy to find/study what you wish with plenty of online discussion forms/help available as well as your community/etc - Doctors and such you will need hands on training as well, but what I am trying to say is most everything does not require that you have to be present in an actual classroom and this can leave even more areas that can be set up for the gifted inventors, thinkers, futurists and so on to come up with new/improved ideas/inventions/etc for those that prefer not to work from home. We can all have seeds/food/plants that can grow each year, produce seeds of their own/etc, empty lots/etc can be planted/forested (Best to go by natures rules/growth patterns/etc for planting trees and so on as well as repairing areas and reintroducing native plants/species/etc and Masanobu Fukuokas Seed ball method as well as his natural farming techniques are great and so is the homegrown revolution, amongst many others) and places set up where innovators can invent, talk and get what they need, to also work from home if they wish 🙂

    In todays’ world we have more than enough resources and smarts at our disposal to make much more wondrous lives for every human being while being able to give the very best of care for all of the suffering (Even if our population was to suddenly double overnight) while still maintaining a very healthy planet, and yes, it is true, we could still make this world far better then it has ever been for humans and non humans alike even if there were roughly 15 to 20 billion+ people in the world today and we will always be able to continue to keep life awesome for all generations to come 🙂

    So awesome in fact that that we may have to use a new word to describe this beyond awesome state, and/or possibly even this new era, maybe something like this one that I thought up, “Phosomancesss” - pronounced as “Faw-Sohm-An-Sisss/Fawsohmansisss :)” (A cross between “Phoenix, Awesome, Om, Renaissance and the hissing sounds of a species once hated/feared by many, know as Snakes”) Definition: A state/place of continuous transcendent evolution 🙂

    I for one would weep to no end if humanity as a whole were to abandon technologies, science/etc/etc as they are (As far as I am concerned) absolutely vital keys to our quality of life, salvation and continuing ascension, completion, awesome lives for the world over, for true freedom and so much more (Someday, because of them we ourselves can become everything that we need so that we will no longer need many of these things, but for now and for a while to come, I say, let those of us who want tech/etc embrace and continue to benefit from all of these things and in turn make lives as best we can for everyone in every way that they wish while remembering to keep their lifestyles/beliefs/etc in mind, lets go wild with museums, amusement parks, religious/holy structures and countless other life enriching/enhancing things 🙂

    As for posting videos and other stuff, so long as you don’t plastering your name on other peoples photos/etc you should be allowed to post whatever videos you want (Including music, news/etc videos, again, so long as you don’t plaster your name/credit on them) and to also post your own video creations (Even if you use others photos, clips/etc and giving yourself credit for creating the video is fine just so long as you don’t claim that you created those individual pics/clips/etc if they are not of your creation) and if people state that they don’t want you to use/post their material for obvious and legit/non crap and non monetary reasons then their personal/etc materials should be kept to them and just having stuff posted on the net, especially if its for the world too see runs the risk of others finding and using it. Also, like so much other stuff, aside from the obvious stuff most of us shouldn’t have/etc, everyone being able to have the computer programs/software/etc/etc/etc of their choosing including otherwise outrageously expensive ones, the sky is no longer the limit, remember, money is no longer an issue 🙂

    When things are truly changing, people will truly be able to heal/bleed out the emotional bullshit and free themselves/there minds, life will be very fulfilling and far from boring for you guys without money, to start there will be countless activities/tasks/things to keep you preoccupied whenever you want to do something, not to mention the joys of working together knowing that your helping to clean up the planet and doing countless feel good stuff, help other people/creatures/plants/etc and with people having far more freedoms to invent, create and improve life/etc things will only continue to get better for us as we will in many respects connect like we have connected before and be like one gigantic native american indian global type of community, we will at last know/feel true/real freedom the world over 🙂

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