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Family against a interracial marriage

I know for my parents the chapter is closed… but I really want to marry him.

My Muslim family hates black people

I am a 20 year old Moroccan female who wishes to marry a Somalian (muslim) man. However, my mother has always sworn that she will never accept me to marry a black man.

Marriage with another race

My mother is a racist, she is a truly believer but she also thinks that only arabs are practicing the islam the right way…

Mother not approving of marriage to an African American woman

My mom does not want to talk to her and give her an opportunity; she kicked her out the house and called her a “n*gger”.

Committed zina, repent and wish to marry the same person

Please, what should I do? I really really wish to marry him and make things right and have a strong islamic future.

I am sad all the time… I hate this dunya

There was only this one person that had love for me…. okay I am not meant to love or to be loved. So whats left for me in this world?

My dad won’t let me marry him just because he is pakistani.

Will Allah punish me for marrying the pakistani as it will lead to my dad cutting ties with me?

Muslim fiance’s family are angry because I’m part Jew

I was not prepared for the backlash from his family.

Answers please on secret marriage

Is it okay for me to lie to my parents just to see my husband as we are in the state of Nikah?

My parents are racist and won’t let me marry who I want. Please help me.

I don’t know how to approach my parents, they will kill me, they will threaten me and tell me I have brought shame on the family.