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Ashamed of my past and my sins, I feel so lost…

I already asked for forgiveness but still I can’t forget what I’ve done, it haunts me. Now I tried to be a good moslemah and forget about the past, but I still feel lost, and scared of other people’s judgments.

I am worried that I might have destroyed my marriage

My intention was pure but the sheikh insisted that since it was to do with my womb he had to smear it all over my body as a way to heal me…

Can I perform my religious obligations while married to non-Muslim man to avoid punishement after death?

I very badly wanted be in touch with Allah to lessen the punishment which i am gonna get after my death as i do strongly believe in life after death. For that i know i have to perform all religious rituals… As i got married to this non Muslim guy I’m too scared to offer namaz, do fast, to read Qur’an so and so thinking that i would be punished more severely by Allah.