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Is Allah upset with me for some reason I don’t know?

Although I live a good lifestyle due to inheritance from family. But I don’t have a job. No success in anything I do. Lack of desire for anything.

I think my father is having an affair; what should I do?

I dont know who to tell or whether to say anything at all. I dont want to break my family up, but cannot sit and let my mother be disrespected like this. I keep praying to Allah that things will get better and to seek guidance, but I don’t know who to talk to (hence why I’m posting this online).

I am in an relationship but not dating or in a physical contact. Is it right?

We don’t date or anything but, the thing which keeps bugging me is that I don’t like sending him my pictures. However, I can;t tell him this and I am afraid that Allah will not be pleased by this act of mine :(. Please make du’aa for me and him that Allah gives us guidance and let us be on the right path and give me and him Hidayat.