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No love and mismatched sex drives…

This frustration is dragging lady to some sins… how can she save herself from frustrations and sins?

Losing control of sexual desires

I have been in a relationship with a guy for one year. Before he came to my life I been addicted to masturbation. I asked allah to help me and allah send me him.

I can’t be intimate with my husband since we had our baby

It’s come to the point that when he touches or kisses me I feel like crying and pushing him away. I told him to let me go see a counsellor but he thinks it’s just in my head…

Unable to control my urges

I’m on the verge of breaking down and I can’t seem to stop from committing this sin.

Urgent request regarding conjugal life!

I request your response for the following two issues…

I love my wife, but she denies me intimacy sometimes and I’m frustrated

I love my wife dearly. I just can’t imagine how life would be without her. We are both very good-looking and romantic and I happen to have a high sex-drive. Yes my wife does give me some intimacy, but at some times she always refuses.

How to improve my marriage sex life?

am male, 33yr old. I recently got married to my girlfriend of 4yrs, earlier this year. My now wife is an excellent person, has all the qualities that I have ever wanted. Saying that, things have dramatically changed in the bedroom.