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My husband does drugs and I cannot stop him; Please help

Does me knowing he does this and not being able to stop him count as me sinning? I pray to Allah that my husband quits all this one day. I cannot handle watching him do these things anymore, I can’t handle the constant arguments. He says he wants to quit, but he shows no sign of quitting anytime soon .

I lost my virginity to my boyfriend, can we marry?

I have been with my boyfriend for 1 year and we are both Muslims. I lost my virginity to him, we are both ashamed and have asked for forgiveness. We have decided that the right thing to do is marry each other. are we doing the right thing by getting engaged and getting married?

Premarital sex, blackmail, marriage and relationships; it’s complicated.

Also..I wanna know,If I had premarital sex with a guy and marry that guy,will my sins be forgiven? I am really repenting my past sins..but I can’t live like that anymore..I know there’s nothing to do..but at least suggest me something…I really love my boyfriend..I wanna get married to him and spend my life with him…but my condition is way too complicated.I know I shouldnt have listened to that blackmailer in the first place but I made so many mistakes…I wish I could die..please suggest me anything..