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Desperate to have sex but no one wants to marry me

I am desperate to get married… I don’t understand why I can’t get married now when I am so mature, am a fantastic cook, excellent at managing a house and think about sex 24 hours a day and need islamic relief.

Is Allah testing me with singledom?

Hi there I am a 32 year old man who is still single and not even found the right partner to settle down with. Now all through my life I have been faithful to my parents and even to my grandmother as well but when the time comes to them to talk about marriage I just get let down by all of them. “Look at your cousin he has found a girl or look at your sister we have found the right man for her”.

I dont get on with my Mother and I’m lonely

I’m an unmarried single Muslim sister, I have never dated in my life or had any haram interactions with a guy. I know there are plenty of sisters out there in the same boat as me, so that’s only part of the matter that is affecting me, my mother does care about these things, when she was my age she had already got 4 kids and was running a whole household.

How should I go about finding a wife?

I am a single man and I am ready to marry but I didn’t have that much knowledge for selecting partner.

I can’t find a good Muslim man anywhere

I feel hopeless in that I simply do not attract Muslim men, or Muslim men my family will approve of at least. I attract educated and polite men.. usually of the Catholic faith. One Catholic man even asked my father for my hand in marriage. I have not attracted a Muslim man.

Why will no one marry me? When will be my time?

I am 27 years old. i want to get married, but the right man has not come along.