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My husband is applying to bring his other wife 2 America and I don’t want to be with him anymore

I have been married to my husband ten years, while he has had a second wife for 8 years. Now he wants to bring her here to America and I can’t accept this.

Depression due to my husband’s second marriage

I am an Indian women, staying in KSA married to my husband for the past 15 yrs. 3 yrs back he had married an arab national woman here, though he had hid all this matter from me before, he told me about this just before his marriage. Though I am very possessive of my husband, I had submitted to the will of Allah and bearing with him all these years. But now each passing day, I am feeling more depressed and getting into inferior complexities.

She doesn’t Know She is the Second Wife

Say a husband cheats on his wife, then marries someone that’s not Muslim through the public court house, then decides that he wants to keep both wives and is he is not working or even helping the first wife (the one that is Muslim): what should the first wife do?