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Marriage-related dreams…a product of my thoughts?

Are these really thoughts from my own mind to trigger my anxiety or are they a warning of some sort or shaytan?

Need dua to stop waswasa while praying

I was fine before but now when i pray or do dhikr i always get waswasa from shaytan related to shirk and i hate it.

Homosexual urges and the role of Marriage

I desire very much to get married and have children (if Allah wills) however I fear that I will be miserable.

Married but can’t stop thinking about my ex

My name is Nida and this is my story: I am a 30 years old married to a nice person who is 24 and converted to Islam 4 years ago. my husband is Canadian and I am from Morocco, we got married 1 and half years ago, everything was good at the beginning. So I met my husband and we got married we were happy, but the last few months I could not stop thinking about my first love even when I am with my husband during sex, I hate having these feelings, and my husband does not deserve this.