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Marriage-related dreams…a product of my thoughts?


I had a dream at 1 am. I was eating with my dad when he told me that I will be getting married today to a cousin, but he didn’t tell me which one. I got mad and left to my room, got ready and then I ran away with my mom and brothers to my grandmas house. In the dream I was never happy about getting married and was never on my way to my wedding, or seeing my groom/ cousin. The dream ended after we arrived at my grandma’s house. In the dream I remember my mom asking me in the car which cousin I was getting married to and I named one of them and said “definitely that one”. That is all. Does this dream have an interpretation or is it just a dream of many others?

I read that if a girl sees herself beautiful on her wedding day, on her way to her groom, but never arrives or was unable to reach him, she will die soon. But I was never on my way to him or my wedding...rather, I escaped my wedding and groom alongside my mom and brothers. Like I was never going there, or on my way there or even thought about going to see him or meet him. I didn’t want to reach my groom, not that I was unable to reach him or didn’t arrive. I purposely avoided going to him by escaping to grandmother's house. So it’s different than the interpretation, at least I think so.

Other dreams I had:

  1. I dreamt that I was at school and did “that” with a boy and got pregnant.
  2. I was married and had a baby daughter and me, my husband-I think he was Asian-, and our daughter were in our house.

I was on my time of the month when I had all these dreams and also I was the same age I am now( almost 16 ), I didn’t look older in the dreams. And 3-4 days after having these dreams, I heard my grandma telling my dad that she wants him to make me get married. I freaked out because in my dream it was my dad that was forcing me to get married. Around 2 days later I had a dream that I went shopping for clothes with my mom and as soon as I woke up, my mom asked me if I want to go shopping. I also freaked out again. Is it normal to have dream linked to the future? Are they from Allah or pure coincidence?

I also constantly think about death, like it's eating me up. It prevents me from doing stuff, like when I want to buy something I think "no, I'm going to die" and these thoughts make me anxious. And like I'll be watching a show and eating and then I'll feel like the death angel is going to show up, and I've been bothered by these thoughts as they keep me anxious all day long.

Are these really thoughts from my own mind to trigger my anxiety or are they a warning of some sort or shaytan?

Any help on how to stop these thoughts?



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  1. Salaamu Alaikum, sister
    The Prophet(Sallahu Alayhi wa Sallam) dreamt that Angel Jibril(Alayhi Sallam)
    showed him(Sallahu Alayhi wa Sallam), a green silky cloth that had Aisha(Radillahu Anha)
    face on it. Angel Jibril(Alayhi Sallam) said Aisha(Radillahu Anha) would be
    his(Sallahu Alayhi wa Sallam)wife. Allah(Subhan'Allah wa Ta'Ala)said you
    know a dream is true if it comes true. Allah knows best. Here is a lecture
    In shaa Allah I hope it helps.

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