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Can i do two nikahs?

internet wedding marriageAssalam Walaikum.

I have an issue and was wondering if anyone could help me resolve it.

I am a male Muslim(Alhamdullilah) and wish to marry a muslim girl. She is currently engaged but no nikkah. but if she talks to her parents they will allow her to marry me and breakoff that other engagement.

the problem is with my family. i wish to do a nikkah as soon as possible so as not to indulge in sin. i am the smallest of my 6 siblings (I'm 20 years old) and i wish to save my parents and family from any embarrassment or shame because of my actions.

Basically the qustion is can i do nikkah with the permission of my parents and hers but not announce it to my extended family members then do it again at a later time, like 2/3 years? Jazakkallah

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  1. Why not? You are not committing any sin by concealing the marriage from your wider family. On the second nikah, you can just say that you have done the akt with your parents present and invite everyone to the ceremony or if necessary, do the akt again for show, it will be a minor sin compared to what you would be committing if you did not. On the other hand, you can just say to everyone you have done akt to this girl and will do the ceremony in 2/3 years time.

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