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My husband loves me, but I don’t like him(10)

June 19, 2019

ven now after almost two years of trying to like him, things still haven’t changed. His family is amazing and he also is really nice, but I feel like we’re just not compatible. I’ve tried telling him, but he says he loves me and I shouldn’t think this way. He is trying his best to make it work but I just can’t do it anymore.

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My violent father has trapped me in an arranged marriage

Someone from my college has proposed marriage for me to my father, but since he is not from a wealthy family my father declined it. he is a practicing Muslim and his family also loves me. My father has rejected the proposal, and now he has chosen someone wealthy for me. Even though I don’t like the guy I cant do anything, because he will beat my mother and me up.

Why is he letting his family tell him who to marry?

Why is it so big deal to arrange a marriage for their child? Why they cannot let their child choose for his own happiness? Why they are doing this to him/us?

My husband does not excite me sexually

From the very first day I didn’t feel any attraction towards my husband. He was quite shy, introvert, soft voiced like girls, bald, shorter in height than me. Now my that I wonder why my eyes end up looking at some handsome man at store or in my way.