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Ghusl after injury

The doctor put a bandage on my head and told me that the stitches are not to be tampered with. I am confused, how to take a ghusl?

Family marriage

I don’t feel I am ready for this and I don’t see compatibility with him but they won’t listen. Is it wrong for me to say no?

What to do for a cheating father?

I’m 12 years old. Recently I have found evidence of my father cheating on my mother.

Visiting parents after marriage

My husband says it hurts him that I go to see my parents so often, so I cannot go.

Living an undesired life

I want separation or to run away from all this.

Is this PITY or LOVE? ISTIKHARA or SHAYTAN? I’m confused..

Am I destined not to feel LOVE for the rest of my life? Or is this actually LOVE? Should I continue my life like this?

Difficult partner

Initially our only problem was him delaying marriage but I now feel that even if he did agree to getting married soon I would be apprehensive.

My Husband is a Weak Muslim

If we were a secular couple, I couldn’t complain about his few shortcomings. But since we are Muslims, there are expectations of each of us as spouses and parents.

Wife and mother issue..

The problem is my wife and my mom don’t get along. I wish I could reunite their feelings.

Please help a new sister !!

I just really don’t know what to do with everything going on in my life and I am really struggling to come to terms with everything