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My father is breaking the family with his verbal abuse

Verbal abuse

My father mentally torture us siblings and my mother with his words. He didn't hit us ever, nor my mother. But he use his words and says things that shatter us and our confidence.

My mother has never been happy in this marriage, I can see that, but she never says a single word to him.

I just want someone to tell me any dua or zikr to overcome my problem. My siblings are younger, I don't want them to suffer with all this. Because of all this they cannot focus on their studies. Please help me.


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  1. Let him drink daam wala pani

  2. Seems like you may be afraid of him. Have you spoke to him? See how he reacts. If no one in the household speaks up then he’ll keep doing it as he thinks he has powers over you.

  3. Assalaamualaykum Zunu,

    I'm so sorry to hear of the pain that is being inflicted on you by your father. Studies have recently shown than psychological and emotional abuse affects the same pain centers in the body as does physical abuse, so do not minimize your problem. It is very grave.

    The best dua you can recite for this situation is one in which you pour your heart out to Allah in your own words and straight from the heart. And don't be afraid to cry during your dua if you are ever feeling upset. Go into sujood position (forehead to the ground) while you are saying it...that is even better.

    I hope this helps...may Allah guide your father and relieve you of your pain, ameen.



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