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Confused about my relationships with my husband and a younger man

I feel in love with him. I’m addicted to him. We did sex chat. I feel like I cheated on my hubby but on the other hand my hubby never talked to me romantically and he never tried to fulfil my physical needs.

Is our relationship valid even though we’re not married?

My problem is, I was going to marry her, but then, our visa to become immigrants here in the US got approved, and since I can’t move in the US as married that time, we cancelled the wedding. I am planning on going home next year once I earn enough money and get my citizenship. She embraced Islam, not because of me, but because it was her choice.

My husband doesn’t talk to me

He said that he can’t live a bachelor life as he comes home after 6 months; he told me that he is becoming desperate over there. We are having crazy fights because I said that he can do rukhsati at least but his response is that; for rukhsati he has to do Shadi (full wedding) and once Shadi (full wedding) is done, he won’t be able to leave me…..