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My wife can’t have children

My wife was okay with the idea of getting a second wife at first but then changed her mind.

Is my husband using me, what should I do?

He is a very ambitious person and very focused on his future, but I feel that ultimately I am not a a part of it even though he says I am.

Going for an operation after miscarriages…

Please guide me with some duas for a POSITIVE REPORT and a SAFE SURGERY. I am very nervous…

Fear of unknown ahead and stigma attached to divorce is holding me back, desperately need advice

The fear of the unknown ahead as well as the stigma related to divorce is holding me back. I don’t know how I will tell my parents about this. I don’t want to hurt my husband either. We have tried talking about our issues time and time again and we just talk in circles and it doesn’t get fixed. I am so confused and conflicted at this point. I don’t want to live the rest of my life like this.

We agree on divorce, how does he do Talaq?

My husband doesn’t always pray all his 5 prayers. He works nights and sleeps most of the day. Sometimes he will combine prayers either at the wrong time or altogether as he cannot prayer at work. Does this invalidate our nikkah?