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Am I too young to marry her? Are we doing anything Haram?

We both have pure intentions and do see a future together InshaAllah. The only concern I have is that my parents may not take me very seriously if I talk about marriage with them right now.

I want to marry my cousin when i am older?

I want to marry my cousin when I am older… I’m desperate for his attention, but I do not want to commit a sin. How do I act? When should I tell my mother of my feelings for him? How can I make him and his family notice me?

Do Looks Matter?

I am 21 years old female and I got married recently to a guy whom I didn’t know anything about but was a close person to the family. I was happy to marry him since he is a religious person and whose well known for his good manners and so and so…I think I really like him but the problem is I get the thoughts that I am not attracted to him.