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Marrying my cousin but she had a breast milk from my mother

I want to marry my cousin, but she sucked my mom's breast milk when she was 1. Can I still marry her?

Hadiths about milk siblings

On some websites I've read that it is not permissible to marry a foster sister even if she was fed once.

Is my brother all Cousin are his Milk Sister? Can he Marry One who was not born at that time?

Can I marry to my cousin who is 14 month elder than me and my brother marry younger sister?

Is he my milk cousin or not?

Is he forbidden since my mother breastfed him when he was small?

Suckling wife’s breat milk, halal or haram?

I like to suck/drink my wife's breast milk is it allowed in Islam, please write is that 'halal or haram' " i love my wife " please respond .

Are these children regarded as milk brother and sister?

I breastfed my husband's brother 's daughter when she was born because her mother was not able to breastfeed her. So I was breastfeeding my first born son and her at the same time so it made them milk brother and sister.

Can Husband drink his wife’s breast milk?

Can Husband drink his wife's breast milk?

Is my nikah valid if the girl and I shared milk from the same woman, who is neither her mother nor mine?

It is possible I shared a milk mother with a girl who I intend to marry. The lady who gave her milk is neither mine nor the girl's mother, just some other relation.

I drank milk from my aunt, can I marry my cousin?

I want to marry a cousin because we are very deeply in love. But we heard that I got some milk from her mother. According to her she gave me milk from 9am to 3-4pm for one single day only..

Is there any way for milk brother and sister to marry?

Salam to all, I am writing in regards to my eldest brother. My father brought his family to the States almost about 6 years ago. At the time my brothers and I were in our teenage years. And we were very excited to be meeting our cousins and having family for the first time, they were our age. I know understand why Allah forbids being close with cousins because if you are not ACTUAL brother and sisters, feelings do in fact take place..