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Do I need to shave my baby hair?

shaving baby hair


I am having some question regarding shaving baby's hair when they are born, my mother in law said that when baby is born you should shave the hair because it's haram?

I really want to know and understand weather it's haram or not. And I also want to know what hadit says about this stuff.

I haven't done my baby's hair yet she is 10months alhumdullilah it's winter here I live I Australia. But planning to do later on but still I want to know the right thing.


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  1. hi, slaam. yu should do it. its sunnah.

  2. Salaams,

    The practice of shaving/cutting off a newborn's hair, called the "aqeeqah", has nothing to do with the hair being haraam. Having an aqeeqah for your baby is a sunnah that demonstrates the gratitude you have to Allah for giving your a new life to take care of and teach Islam to.

    Generally, on the seventh day after a child is born, its formal name is announced and a goat or lamb is sacrificed and the meat is distributed to the poor as a show of faith and thankfulness. In addition, the baby's head is shaved and the weight of the hair is used to compute an amount to give as charity as well.

    It's stated in Abu Daud that the Prophet ( Peace be upon him ) said :

    " A young boy is cleansed with his aqiqah. An animal is slaughtered for him on the seventh day, his name is given and his head shaved."

    Sometimes, a boy baby's circumcision is scheduled to coincide with the rest of the aqeeqah rituals.

    You aren't sinning by neglecting the aqeeqah, but you may be missing out on reward and blessing on fulfilling it. Even though your baby is almost a year old, it's something you can still do.

    -Amy Editor

  3. salam brotrher Wael,

    is that salma!!! so cute

  4. Never heard about that before, I don't think is haram .,

  5. Asalamualaikum,

    Thank you sister Amy now I am clear. I done my daughter aqeeqha but didn't knew about hair now I understand so I will do it asap.


  6. Awwwwwwww Masha'Allah bother Wael what a beautiful little girl,
    We shaved all our kids hair on the seventh day even my little girl which nearly made me cry but Alhamdulilah her hair grew back just as beautiful as the hair she was born with, and i think if your child is 10mts then their is no need to cut it now the Sunnah is on the seventh day i dont know if you will be rewarded for cutting it now, Allahu yaalam

  7. @Wael brother your daughter is adorable. Masha Allah. I pray to Allah to give her all the happiness and bless her with joy in her life.

  8. Your daughter is realy cute brother wael...may Allah s.w.t protect,guide and always show her the right path amiin, amiin sisterz and nrh!

  9. Salam aleikum, please I want to know if baby's hair has to be completely shaved or cutting a part of her hair will suffice?

  10. Brother Wael your daughter is so cute mashAllah. May Allah swt bless her and grant her jannah inshAllah "ameen"

  11. Salaam when shaving a new baby's head is they a Dua of Surah you can say before starting to shave?

  12. I want to know about is we head shaved after 1 year because l am no know about its

  13. Salams i have a question is it alow to cut a baby girl hair every time

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