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Child abuse

Throughout my childhood and adult life my mum has been cruel to me and controlled me. She still verbally abuses me and my sisters.

Her mother is rejecting

Her mother and 2 of her sisters are against me without any valid reason.

Will Allah forgive me?

My cousin brother forced me to do sinful acts. His sister saw… she said that she will not forgive me.

My mother and brother have been beating me since I was a child; I feel suicidal.

Since i was 8 years old my mother and elder brother beat me a lot. They used to burned me with hot knifes and different part of my body got that burnt mark. In my early childhood my father used to escape me from them but then he got paralyzed and their cruelty started again.

Is it normal that I crave isolation so much?

But even though these two girls were my only friends, and knew EVERYTHING about me, I didn’t feel anything as I lost them. It was as if they were never important to me (which they were) I just noticed that I CRAVE isolation. I want to be forever friendless,I want to be alone and I never want to be close with people, it makes me happy whenever I feel the vibe in me wanting to be alone, I don’t want to be in contact with anyone.