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Is this truly haraam even though I’ve never had sexual relations, nor wanted to have sexual relations with a girl?

I think I am Bisexual or a Lesbian, and I do not know what to do!

It has been happening since my childhood and I have tried everything to stop it, but nothing is changing the way I feel.

Cheating bisexual husband

How can he love me and cheat? He has no respect for me.

Sexuality and gender in Islam

What is and isn’t against Islam in sexual preference?

I want to stay on the straight path

So i have always known that i have a bisexual tendency. But i am Muslim first and foremost, and i know the sin of homosexuality and premarital sexual experience, and i also know that my body is not truly mine. Alhumdulillah i am 23 years old and have maintained chastity,have steered clear of romantic involvment with girls and I have had guy friends and been EMOTIONALLY involved with guys..