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My boyfriend kissed my neck and I FEEL SO GUILTY

I don’t want to lose him but at the same time I don’t want to do something like this again.


I haven’t got anything I asked Allah for, please help me

I really don’t know what to do… I haven’t got anything that I wanted from Allah… I’m feeling so much depressed and sometimes I feel not to move on… Even I sometimes I feel so depressed that I leave my prayers thinking that my prayers aren’t getting accepted… what should I do??

How can I get this man in a Halal way in marriage?

I am currently going out with a boy and I know it is wrong, but we both want to get married. I’m 17 years old and he’s just turned 19. He’s looking for a job and says as soon as he gets a job he wants to marry me but i was reading a few notes on Marriage in Islam

Can A Muslim Man Marry a Christian Woman?

I have a Muslim lover. Do we have a chance to get married? I am a Christian girl and he is a Pakistani man.

Got physical with a stranger I met online and now worried about my parents and reputation

Well I don’t know how to put this … I’ve done a lot of bad sins in my life. Like I go see guys when my parents are strict and don’t allow that. But this time I’ve let myself down. This guy flirted with me on a social network, I didn’t like talking to him at first but when I got to know him.. well I started to like him

His mother rejected me because I am Catholic

I am a Catholic girl and was dating a Muslim man. After 5 months he spoke to his mother about me. He said all great things about me, but all she could focus on was that I was not Muslim and that his father will not be happy.

Young Single Christian Mum – Muslim Father, Muslim Son

Salaams People,

I’m a 21 year old Christian but I’ve got a child from a Muslim guy. My son is Muslim as well.

I love them both with all my heart, I need advice so badly.

My boyfriend and I are two years together. After we had our son, he changed a lot in a bad way. We never really see him as he spends most of his time with his friends.

Do I tell my future husband?

I originally became Muslim as my partner at the time was a Muslim. He piqued my interest and although he now lives in a different city, I have seen him in the past on different occasions, on a few of these occasions we committed zina.